Benefits of a sofa with removable upholstery

With two kids and a dog, my living room furniture seems to be in a war zone every day! At least the sofa always seems to maintain a decent condition thanks to some good practices I carry out periodically.

Removable sofa upholstery parts

The sofas are divided into different parts and some of them can be uncovered, which allows us to wash the upholstery of those areas that are most used on a daily basis.

The parts of a sofa that can be discovered are as follows:

1.Seat: Normally the seat cushion is one of the parts most at risk of getting dirty, whether it be from food spills, pet hair or the worst nightmare, seeing one of our children with a marker pen in their hand creating art.

2. Arms: The arms of the sofa also tend to accumulate dirt as it is an area where we drop arms, head and even feet when we are comfortably watching a movie at night.

3. Back cushions: In many models, these pieces can also be removable and can be washed from time to time.

4. Head: The head, the place where we let our head rest, and where dirt also tends to accumulate little by little.

However, always check the manufacturer’s specifications to see which parts of the sofa are suitable for removal, and of course, the upholstery should be washed according to the fabric manufacturer’s instructions.

Model sofa Dallas

Ideas for keeping your sofa upholstery in impeccable condition

First of all, the position of the sofa should be taken into account. Avoid placing it against the walls, where stains and dust are more likely to accumulate.

Secondly, it is important to remove pet hair or our own hair to prevent it from accumulating under the upholstery and making it difficult to clean.

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In short, many of our models have removable covers, although not all of them can be removed due to their mechanism. In the case of textiles, the best thing to do is to ask at the point of sale about the characteristics of the fabric and its cleaning possibilities.

First of all, do not use products that are not suitable for cleaning the sofa, especially abrasive products or ammonia-based detergents.

The sofa is a main element in our home and tends to have a long life as long as it is used properly. The fabric (the most visible part of the sofa) needs special care as it is what at first glance can be most affected by the passage of time. But by following some of these tips, you are sure to extend its useful life a little longer. In any case, if you are looking for a sofa that suits your needs you can always check our wide catalogue.

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